B4 Coaching and Mastermind Group

Get support, advice, and feedback from
like-minded women entrepreneurs.

The B4 Coaching Program was created to help entrepreneurs focus on their productivity and mindset while cultivating their online communities. In this digital world, it's important to show up and be present for your community, while also protecting your space and peace of mind. That can all be done on your terms and in  a way that works for your life and business.

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Flexible schedules for busy women entrepreneurs

Work the way you want. Our weekday mid-morning and evening calls are specifically designed to work with your schedule (morning people welcome). No matter what your day looks like, you'll find a call time that suits you.

Monthly content strategy workshops

We're here to help you create content that drives growth for your business. Join our monthly workshop to learn how to create engaging content for your business without any guesswork or trial and error!

Just what is B4?

We focus on the following areas through our weekly group sessions:


We will focus on creating and maintaining healthy boundaries in our personal and professional lives. This first call of the month will help set the tone for our work-life schedule for the upcoming month. During this discussion we will share ideas, techniques, and resources to help us create a schedule that allows us to get things done while caring for our overall well-being.

Brainstorming topics

It can be overwhelming and exhausting to consistently come up with new ideas and topics for your community. That’s where B4 comes in, once a month we will have a call focused solely on topic ideas that your community will respond to.

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Batch creation

Oh, you thought you’d create the ideas and just stop? Not on my watch. Once a month we will have a work session focused on creating AND scheduling content to your social media platforms. You will be provided with templates, post formats and more to help make this process one that will increase your visibility online.


Whew! It’s been a full month. What better way to close it out than focusing on ourselves and our overall mental wellness. During this session we will discuss different ways to ensure that we are caring for and loving on ourselves. We will, also, have guest speakers and workshops to teach and reinforce mental wellness.

Group coaching participants will receive:

  • Weekly Zoom Sessions

  • Expert Chats

  • Access to Trainings and Challenges I offer

  • Monthly Snail Mail for Encouragement


Coaching Testimonials

"I was at a lull in my business and personally, then I decided to change my focus to help me crawl out of a dark space. When Michelle offered her Mastermind group I did not hesitate to jump into it. I needed something different because what I was doing wasn’t quite working. This group is amazing. It helped me to see my worth and value as a REALTOR® and gave me ideas to increase my business and deliver more value to my clients and friends. Not only has it helped me in my business, but it has also helped me to see my value in my personal life and how I can turn around and help someone else. I am so pleased to be in this group that I now consider family. We push, encourage, work, play and bounce ideas off of each other but most of all we GROW!" - Laura Key, REALTOR®

"Spending the summer with Michelle was amazing! She provided many out the box prompts for us to gain visibility. She also held us accountable for getting the work done and growing greater." - Dr.  Stevii Mills, Click to Cash Crew
"Michelle you are amazing, I love going to you for advice you give it to me straight and real. Michelle is also good at pointing out when we have made improvements in areas I needed to work in. Her hands on approach works very well for me. The 100 days visibility challenge even though I didn’t get to complete the first challenge it was a very helpful and motivating way for me to constantly stay visible. I learned a lot to help me with my post and even my weekly Lives. Michelle D. Garrett is a rockstar and I appreciate all that she does for us up and coming entrepreneurs." - Kim, Founder/CEO HardyHandz Foundation