Just Show Up! Webinar

Just Show Up! Webinar

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This webinar will help freelancers, entrepreneurs, and solo professionals connect to their audience. We'll cover the basics of building community on social media, how to avoid common barriers to showing up consistently for your online community, and some simple tools for measuring ROI.

We'll also dive into the four pillars of an active online community: engagement, collaboration/cooperation, education/learning, and inspiration.

The Live Webinar will take place on
Thursday, October 21, 2021 at 7 PM Eastern via Zoom.
The replay will be available immediately afterwards.

Q&A session

You'll get personalized advice on how to overcome your personal barriers to showing up more often.

Access the visibility challenge for actionable tasks

You'll get access to a visibility challenge that provides you with actionable tasks that will help you (re)introduce yourself to your community. This will be of value if you're not sure what exactly you should be doing on social media, or don't have enough time in your day to dedicate towards this goal.

Content ideas

During the webinar, we'll also discuss different ways of connecting with your community on social media platforms, showcasing best practices and creative ideas for content creation.