Purposely Productive Challenge
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Purposely Productive Challenge

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Are you struggling with procrastination?

Is it a goal of yours to be more productive with your time and action?

You are NOT alone. Many entrepreneurs struggle with the very same thing.

One thing that will help is a focused and strategic plan to change your actions. And that's where this 7-day-challenge comes in. You will receive text messages over a seven-day period with daily tasks, check-ins and resources.

The challenge officially kicks off when you sign-up for the texts. I highly recommend starting on Sundays to help you kickstart the week with the right mindset. You will receive check-ins throughout the day. The goal is to help you plan ahead but not overthink each daily task or focus.

All participants will receive a mailing that includes 50 productivity tips that you can place somewhere easily accessible to refer to throughout and after the challenge and a copy of my eBook Purposely Productive.